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Creating Staging Location Events

Volunteers will be signing up online at  By default these events will display the city, province and postal code of your campaign office.

If you are planning to only have one staging location for a GOTV day, you can modify the address in that day’s GOTV Event to the full address of the Campaign Office (or the staging location) where your volunteers should meet.

However, you might want to spread your GOTV efforts across your riding by using Staging Locations. It’s like having several temporary mini Campaign Offices just for Getting Out The Vote. This helps in many ways. It situates your volunteers closer to the neighbourhoods they’re knocking. It helps your volunteers to avoid traffic or other geographical hurdles (like rivers). It also avoids the potential bottlenecks and challenges that can arise when you have many volunteers in one place being dispatched to different turfs. Staging Locations are usually volunteer’s homes selected for their proximity to polling locations and other riding geography. Your Field Organizer can help your team to better understand Staging Locations and how to select them.

If you plan to have multiple Staging Locations for any of the GOTV days, you can create GOTV events to help you to organize and manage the attendance to the various Staging Locations. You will want to flag these events as “private” so that volunteers can’t sign up for a Staging Location GOTV Event directly – you’ll want to speak to them first.

To create private GOTV events, follow this process:

1. Begin on the Shared Contacts tab.

2. Click on Event Management in the Main Menu and select Calendar.  From this view, you will be able to see all the events related to your committee.Calendar 2

3. Click the Add New Event icon in the upper right-hand corner. Select the Team Trudeau GOTV event type.

Select Event Type 3


4. In the New Event Wizard, select the type of event you will be organizing, give it a name and pick a date and time. Once you have made your selections, press Next.Name - Step 1


5. Indicate the number of shifts there will be for this event. If there are more than one, you will indicate the Start Time and End Time for each. Click Next.Shifts - Step 2

6. Indicate how often you would like this event to repeat.  Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Click NextRepeat - Step 3

7. Indicate the location of your event in the Location box.

a. If your location is not visible in the drop-down you will want to add another by clicking Create New.Location - Create New - Step 4a

b. You will then give the location a name and indicate the address.  Click Next to create this location.Location 4b8. You will then be brought back to the initial screen where you can select the location in your drop down box.  Click Next.Location 4c9. Finally, in the Sharing section, you will indicate which Committees can edit your event. Do not add any other committees that you have access to. Sharing - Step 610. Once you have clicked Finish to create your event, you will be brought to the page for your event.

11. On your event page, in the Codes section, click on Add/Remove Codes

12. Check the box for your riding from the Codes and click the checkbox for Private Event. Click Save.

*** All Private Events must be marked as private immediately after being created. Otherwise, if they end up being indexed and then later marked as private, we won’t be able to remove them from Google’s index.