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Step 3. Installing Signs

a) Sending your list to MiniVAN or Printing your list

Using MiniVAN is the easiest way to indicate which signs have been installed. However, you can print the list instead and manually enter the data for all the signs that were installed.

1. Begin on the Shared Contacts side of Liberalist.

Shared Contacts

2. Access your list of 2015 Signs Requested from View My Folders. (You may have named your list or folder differently).

2015 sign request search

3. Once on the My List page, click Print.

Print icon

4. On the Print page, in Report Format field select ~Sign Requests from the drop-down box.

5. Choose the ~Sign Requests Script

6. Set Contacted How to ‘Walk’. The Sort Order will set automatically.

7. Scroll down and click Next.

8. A message will display:

If you have a large list, the PDF creation process may take a few minutes to complete. While you are waiting, you may do other work with your My List. To check on your file(s) at any time, go to the Main Menu and look for a link that says My PDF Files.

Click on My PDF Files highlighted in blue.

9. This will bring you to a page where you can download the PDF version of your list. Click on Download file.

10. Your PDF will be generated.

11. From here, you can find the List number at the bottom of each page and enter that number into MiniVAN to load the list or you can print the list and manually enter the data later using Grid View or Scan Bar Codes.

List Number 5

b) Marking Signs as Installed

Flagging the signs that have been installed is important to ensure that you do not waste time going back to a household you have already installed a sign for.

You can use the PDF list you downloaded in one of two ways:

You may use the list number to load the list in MiniVAN or you may use the printed list as is. However, remember that if you use a printed list you will have to do data entry at the end of the day to indicate which signs have been installed!

1) Using MiniVAN

  1. Log into Minivan using an ActionID or Liberalist credentials.
  2. Enter the list number. Make sure you are on the My Voters database.

Note: If you are logging in using ActionID you will not have this option

  1. Go to the first house on the list and install the sign. You can see what type of sign was requested by going to the Details tab on someone’s profile, under the Activist Codes.  Your campaign may give you special cards to leave at households with signs to let them know who to contact in case of questions or complaints.
  2. In MiniVAN, mark all the individuals in that household as having had a sign installed. To do this, click on each individual’s name, and once inside their profile, click on Yes for Sign Installed. If you forget to flag every member of the household as Yes for Sign Installed, the whole household will pop back on your list tomorrow.
  3. Once you have tried to install signs for all the households on your list, sync the list.
  4. Once back in the campaign office, the Data Manager or anyone with a level 3 access will need to commit the data to Liberalist.

Using Printed Lists

a) Installing signs with printed lists

  1. Print your PDF list.
  2. From your printed list, go to each household to install the sign. An ‘x’ will mark which type of sign was requested (large or regular). Sign Installed pDF
  3. Mark each household as having received a sign by checking the box next to installed.
  4. Once you have completed installing all the signs it is time for data entry!

b) Doing Data Entry

Make sure to use the Sign Management script and that you mark every member of the household as sign installed. Otherwise, it’s possible that 2 people requested a sign at the same (or nearly the same) time, meaning a team will be sent back to the house tomorrow.

Option 1: Scan Bar Code (Easy)

Option 2: Quick Mark