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Set Up Your Email Blast Preferences

Your Email Preferences administer the way your recipients unsubscribe from your email blasts.  Your blast e-mail preferences must be setup prior to sending out an email blast otherwise your email will not be sent.

If you’ve accidentally deleted your unsubscribe link, see our guide on Finding your Unsubscribe Link.

1. To set up your Email Preferences, open the Letters-Emails menu on the Main Menu Page and click Email Preferences.
Email Preferences 1

2. Select “Z Committee Email” from the Email Blasts drop down menu.
2 Z Committee Email

3. If desired, you can include an Unsubscribe  Banner. appears on the special unsubscribe page that people see when they click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email. The banner helps people to understand what they are unsubscribing from, in this case it’s emails from your riding. Your team can create a simple banner. Make sure that it includes your riding name.

4. An unsubscribe banner could look something like this: Liberal Association Banner

5. To upload an Unsubscribe banner, click Browse. Select the image from your files.
3 Browse for pic

6. You can Customize the Unsubscribe Page Message. For example, change [This Campaign] to the name of your Candidate or the name of your Newsletter.

7. The Custom Footer appears at the bottom of all your emails and must contain the unsubscribe link provided by Liberalist. You should edit the Custom Footer to make it clear that unsubscribing from your emails will result in no longer receiving emails from your team, but won’t affect emails from the rest of the Liberal Party of Canada. You may want to include a message explaining why you’d like people not to unsubscribe (e.g. Emails are the easiest way for us to keep in touch.)

Custom Footer

8. Click Save.

9. When recipients’ use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails, their unsubscribe is automatically entered into Liberalist with no extra work required on your part.

Watch our video on Setting up your Blast Preferences

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