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Set Up an Email Blast Plan

You will need to purchase an email plan before you can send Email Blasts. Only one Email Plan needs to be set up per committee. All users on that committee with Email Blast privileges on their account will be able to send emails using the Email Plan. Only the user who purchased the Email Plan will have administrative access to the Email Plan and associated credit card information.

1. Click Letters • Emails to display the menu. Select the Email Plan option to purchase, edit or view your Email Plan. If you do not have an Email Plan option on your Letters • Emails menu, another member of your team has already purchased an Email Plan.

Menu - Email Plan 1

2. The Email Plan page will display monthly statements of your plan’s history. If you have not yet purchased an Email Plan, click Purchase Plan.

Purchase Plan 2

4. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions document before proceeding as it contains important and useful information. Failure to comply with the terms of the document could result in the removal of the Email Blast tool from your account. If you have any questions about the document, please contact the Liberal Party Help Desk.

Terms and Conditions 3

5. Choose whether you would like the Email Plan to begin today or the 1st day of next month. If the plan begins today, you will be able to begin emailing immediately. You will be charged for the full month’s email privileges.

Effective Date 4

6. Email Plans set the number of recipients (email addresses) your team can send e-mails to per month – not the number of emails sent. Please consult the Terms and Conditions document for more information on Email Plans and Pricing.

7. To help you to decide which plan is best for your team, consider the number of ‘blastable’ email addresses your team currently has in the system. Please consider the source of your email addresses when deciding this. For example, you may have many email addresses from your team’s casework management. You can use the Create a New List function assess your current number of available emails.

    1. Example List:
      • Create a New List: Activist Codes
      • Membership 2007-2010
      • Communications e-Newsletter
      • Volunteer: Previous Volunteer and Volunteer
    2. Narrow my List: Phones • Emails box – Emails Only
    3. As discussed in the Terms and Conditions document, individuals must opt in to your team’s newsletter blasts. If you have any questions about how to set up an opt-in system, please contact the Liberal Party Help Desk.

8.  Select the Email Plan that best fits your team and click Next.

Plan Choices 5 (abridged)

9. If there is not yet a credit card associated with your Email Plan, you will be asked to add a new credit card. Click Add Credit Card to continue.

Credit Card 6

10.  Enter the relevant information in the relevant boxes and click Save.

Add Credit Card 7