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The Suppressions tab is very important in determining who you will be reaching out to and in what manner. Suppressions are important when doing outreach as you want to respect your voters requests to not be contacted in a certain manner and as you want to make sure you have the most accurate and up to date lists.

  1. Deceased: Generally, whenever creating a list, you will want to Exclude Deceased.
  2. Do Not Call: If you are reaching out to your list by telephone you will want to Exclude Do Not Call. This will remove all individuals that have, in the past, indicated that they wish not to be called.
  3. Do Not Mail: If you are sending out a mail-out the you will want to Exclude Do Not Mail.

If you just want a full listing of all your member or voters and you are not creating the list for outreach purposes you can simply select Remove All Suppressions and all the suppressions will disappear. However, you will most likely always want to exclude deceased.

You should also remove all suppressions from Add, Remove and Narrow steps in your list.

Email Suppressions

The suppressions box will not exclude individuals that have asked not to receive emails. In order to remove individuals that have asked not the receive email you must add a Remove step to your list.  The remove step should target the Email:Unsub:All and Email:Unsubscribe: Riding activist codes. This will exclude all individuals that have asked not to receive emails.