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Setting Up A Voice Broadcast Payment

Voice Broadcasts are quick and easy to set up within Liberalist.

Calls cost only 3 cents for 30 seconds or 5 cents for 60 seconds for each live voter or voice-mail box reached.

To ensure that campaign spending is easily tracked, the Help Desk recommends having your Candidate or Official Agent use their credit card for Voice Broadcasts. To put credit on your Voice Broadcast Payment Account, first set up your Payment Options in Liberalist.

My Payment Options

1. On the Main Menu page, click on your username in the top right-hand corner. Click on Manage Payment Options.

Manage payment options

2. If you have not yet added your credit card information, click Add New Credit Card.

Add New Credit Card

3. Enter the account information and billing address for this credit card.

Credit Card Info

4. Your Name, Billing Address and Phone Number MUST match your bank’s records or the transaction cannot be verified and will not go through. If you do not know the correct information to enter on this page, please check with your bank.

5. Your credit card information cannot be seen by Help Desk agents or other Liberalist users.

6. Click Save.

7. If the credit card information was verified, your credit card can now be used to add credit to a Voice Broadcast Account.

Voice Broadcast Accounts

Create a Voice Broadcast account and add credit to it to pay for your Voice Broadcasts. Voice Broadcast Accounts can be shared with all or some of the Liberalist users on your team.

1. On the Main Menu page, click Phone Services in the left-hand side menu to open the Phone Services Menu.

2. Click Voice Broadcast Accounts to set up, view, or edit your Voice Broadcast accounts.

1 VB

3. Click Add New Voice Broadcast Account to create a new account.

Add New VB Account

4. Name your account and click Save.

Account Name

5. Liberalist allows you to share your Voice Broadcast Accounts with one or more Liberalist users on your team.

User Access

6. Note: Any users who you grant access to the Voice Broadcast Account do NOT have access to your credit card, but CAN spend up to the limit of the credit you have transferred into the Voice Broadcast Account.

7. Once you have created a Voice Broadcast Account, click on the name of the account to view details and add credit.

Test Account 4

8. Click Purchase Time to add credit.

Purchase Time

9. Fill in how much time you want to purchase.

Purchaes Time Details

  • Decide in advanced how many calls you want to make so that you can purchase only the credit you need. Credit placed on your Voice Broadcast account cannot be refunded.
  • Set the desired length of the Voice Broadcast (30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc.) and type the number of calls you want to make into the Number of Calls box. Liberalist will calculate how much credit you will need to put on your card to purchase that number of calls.
  • Select the Payment Option you want to use, and click Next.

9. Your Voice Broadcast Account can now be used to pay for your Voice Broadcast. It is time to set up the Recording(s) you want sent in this Voice Broadcast.