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Supporter List

Pulling a list of supporters can have many uses.  This list can be excellent for flagging potential volunteers, members, or donors.  You can also use such a list to engage your supporters by inviting them to events or activities.  Whatever the case may be, your supporters are a great base.

1. Begin in the Shared Contacts tab.

2. Click on Create A New List.


3. Open the Activist Codes box by clicking on the arrow (>).  Then click on Activist Code to add multiple activist codes.

4. Select the Activist Code Party: Supporter and then press Save.


6. Enter the Location tab by clicking on the arrow (>) at the left hand side.

7. Select your riding’s name from the drop down menu.


8. In the Suppressions tab, Select “Include Do not call” and “Include Do not mail” to get a list of all the supporters in your riding. Click Search to proceed to your results.



10. In order to ensure that you are only emailing supporters who are not members you will want to remove the members from the list.

11. Click on Add Step at the top right hand corner of the Create A List page and select “Remove”.

Remove PPL

i. Go to the Membership tab by clicking on the arrow (>).

ii. Remove active members by setting the membership type as full members. In the riding box, choose your riding from the drop down box. Set the ”Date Expired From:” as today.  You will then leave the “Expired Date To:” blank.


iii. Go to the Suppressions tab. Select INCLUDE Do not call and INCLUDE Do not mail.

Include DNC DNM

iv. Click on Run Search

Run Search Supporters