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Supporter List

    1. Click on Create a List on the Shared Contacts tab.
    2. Open the Activist Codes by clicking on the (+) then on Activist Code.
    3. Select the Activist Code Party: Supporter and then press Save.
    4. SELECT “Location” and SELECT your riding name from the drop down menu.
    5. SELECT “INCLUDE Do not call” and “INCLUDE Do not mail”.
    6. Click Search to proceed to your results.
    7. In order to ensure that you are only emailing Supporter who are not Members you will want to remove the Members from the list.
      1. SELECT “Remove”.
      2. SELECT “Membership”.
      3. FLAG “Active”.
      4. UNFLAG “Most Recent Membership Only”.
      5. SELECT “Suppressions”.
      6. SELECT “INCLUDE Do not call” and “INCLUDE Do not mail”.
      7. SELECT “Search”.