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1. Begin on the My Voters side of Liberalist.


2. Click on Create a New List.


3. Scroll down to the Targets box. Open the box.


4. Select your Target(s) from the available Tiers.

a) GOTV Lists: For GOTV, use the target GOTV Election Day.

b) Calling Lists: For calling lists, you will begin working on tier 1, once you have exhausted that list, you will continue to tier 2 etc.

c) Walk Lists:  For door-to-door canvassing, you will be working with the tiers suggested by your Field Organizer.  These may be tiers 1 to 3 or 1 to 4 depending on the riding.

5. Your list will be quite large; you can now narrow your list to the people you want.

a) For Walk Lists, go to the Location tab, select your riding from the drop-down box and select the poll you identified as being a priority poll.

b) For Calling Lists, make sure you narrow your list to phones only and to household your list

** The great thing about Targets is that everyone that needs to be removed from your list is already removed and you will not need to take any additional steps to remove people.


You will want to modify this list depending on the action you undertaking.  Follow this link to see how to canvass using your list of targets.