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Team Canvassing on MiniVAN

Posted on April 6, 2018

Team Canvassing has just been released on MiniVAN! MiniVAN is a great tool that allows you to enter canvassing information from your mobile phone using a free app that you can download from the iStore or Google Play. Team Canvassing is a new feature on MiniVAN that allows canvassing teams to divide up the same poll list and see the canvass results of their team members so they know which doors have been attempted.


When canvassers use the same List Number (or have been sent the same turf from Turf Manager) MiniVAN will update the list with the canvass results of anyone else using the same list.  Canvassers sharing the list will see a banner notification at the top of the list within the app indicating that the list has been updated. A new ‘Team’ icon will be displayed to indicate records in a household canvassed by someone else, and the corresponding canvass responses for those voters will also be displayed.



The Script Page for an individual record will show that it has been updated by showing the Team icon and date of the most-recent canvass attempt.



The individual details page for a record will update with multiple canvass attempts displaying the Team icon and the Contact History status, date and time stamp.



Team Canvassing will help streamline the current workflow of sending the same Turf with multiple canvassers, as well as sending the same Turf for multiple canvasses in a short canvassing window. For instance, during GOTV canvassers will see the results of multiple canvasses on the same list. Now, all canvassers sharing a list number will be able to see this information without an organizer having to manually refresh and resend the Turf.


Please keep in mind that Team Canvassing contact history is limited to displaying shared results from the previous 7 days on a MiniVAN List.


MiniVAN has made it easier to enter your information, and now Team Canvassing on MiniVAN will make it easier to collect the information! This change has been included in the most recent update to the MiniVAN app, so be sure to update MiniVAN in the App Store or Google play.


Let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

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