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  • Be sure to make a few dry run calls before your phone bankers arrive.
  • Be sure you have purchased sufficient minutes available to make your calls for the night/weekend.
    • Minutes go down in real time while your callers are logged into the predictive dialer. When your predictive dialer minutes run out the calls stop.
  • Be sure to have a sufficient number of available phone numbers to call for the night.
    • Remember, you can always add in NEW numbers to a campaign using our predictive dialer wizard.
    • A phone number will only ever be attempted a total of 3 times in a dialer campaign.
    • After each unsuccessful attempt to a number the dialer will wait at least 180 minutes before attempting again.
    • After a successful attempt a phone number will not be called again in the dialer campaign.
  • Verify that the most recent version of the browser you are using is installed.
  • Verify that the most recent version of Flash is installed. (
  • If you are using VOIP(Google voice/Skype..) contact the Campaign Technologies Team first to get a special phone number that will allow your callers to use VOIP.
  • To make your calls using VOIP, be sure you have a very strong internet connection.
    • If possible, utilize a hardwired versus a wireless connection.
    • If you’re not receiving a call back from the system try opening ports 1312 and 1313 for outbound TCP in all your firewalls.
  • Disable any popup blockers, either built into the browser or 3rd
  • Please remember that because you specified a date and time when you created the campaign that it will only work within that scheduled time.
    • The date and time cannot be changed once the campaign has been created.
  • Each user needs to be logged in on their own Liberalist account.
  • What do I do if I have any questions or issues?
    If you have any questions/issues when the calls are being made please alert VAN Support ( as soon as possible with the following info:

    • The name of the committee and predictive dialer campaign(s) you are using.
    • The type of phones being used, e.g., wired/VOIP/cell.
    • The operating system you are using that is having an issue.
    • The browser being used and its version.
    • Have you tried using an alternate phone/computer, in order to eliminate a specific device as the issue?
    • If the issue is with one phone bank person or many.
    • If your phone bankers are in one centralized location or many.
    • Provide us with an example a user name and the phone number they are calling from.
    • Provide us with as much detail as possible about the problem.