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Transport ID Lists

If you used ManageElect in your past campaigns, all your previous identifications have been shared with Liberalist. Your past identifications have been stored under “Archived” Activist Codes. Search for these previous identifications under My Voters.

1. Begin in the Main Menu of the My Voters tab.

2. Click on Create a New List.


3. Open the Activist Codes box by clicking on the arrow (>).  Then click on Activist Code to add multiple activist codes.



4. At the top of the Activist Code Picker page, click on the Status drop down menu and select Archived. Select the codes you would like to perform your search on and then press Save.

Status Include Archived

6. Press Refresh.


7. Select the transport required code to define your search.

8. Press Save.


9. Here you will be returned to the Create a List page. Click Run Search to proceed to your results.