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Use Turfcutter

The TurfCutter function allows you to target individuals by a specific region allowing you to tailor your approach.

1. In My Voters or Shared Contacts, first click Go to My List then click on the Cut Turf icon on. (You can cut your list when you have less than 2,500 people on your list.)

Cut Turf icon

2. This will take you to the Turf Cutter page. Use the (+) symbol to zoom in and the (-) to zoom out, or you can use the slider control for zooming.

Plus Minus

3. From the menu, select whether you want to view the icons by selecting the images of People, Doors, or Both.

People and House

4. You can create up to 30 Turfs, or sets of voters. This allows you to select voters who are part of your list by drawing a line around them on the map. The people inside the boundaries will become your new list once saved.

5. To start creating your first Turf, click on the map to choose a place to start. Then choose a second point and click there. Continue clicking on points to draw the geographical limits of the group you want to apply to the Turf.

Starting TurfCutting

7. If you want to undo your most recent click on the line, click the Undo button.

Annuler bouton

8. Continue to define the boundaries for cutting your list and click on your first point to finish tracing the outline of the map. You’ll then have Turf 1. Click Save.

Save the turf 1

9. If you would like to continue to cut the list by creating the geographical boundaries of another Turf, follow the same steps. Repeat the process for up to 30 Turfs.

10. To delete your current Turf, highlight it in the Legend box and click the Trash Can symbol. This will clear your highlighted Turf. Click the Eraser symbol to erase all your Turfs in the map region.

Trash can

Erase all Turfs

11. When finished, click Save & Finish and select the file, the name and description.

Save and Finish

12. When you want to print your list from Turf 1, click on View My Folders to retrieve the list. From My List, select Print. This will take you to the Print page. Select Map with People if you want to print the map with icons of people, Map Without People if you want the map without icons or Do not Print Map to print only the list.