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Account Types

There are three levels of user accounts in Liberalist. Each level has been designed for different positions within your campaign.

Team Trudeau account

Who should have this level of account?

This account level is for new volunteers, door-to-door canvassers, phone bankers and data entry aides.

What can you do?

This will be the level of account that most of our volunteers will need for fulfill their day-to-day tasks. Basic Users have access to modules such as Grid View, Scan Bar Codes and the Virtual Phone Bank so they can enter data and make phone calls with lists that are assigned to them. However, they cannot search for any individual or create a list of voters. They will only be able to use lists supplied to them by other users. This user level cannot export any information.
Level 1 Account EN

Team Trudeau Plus Accounts

Who should have this level of account?

Typically, this account will be used by volunteers with a more senior level of responsibility, such as a receptionist.

What can you do?

This account has every feature available to Team Trudeau users, but it also includes the search tool Quick Look Up and the data entry tool Quick Mark which allows your volunteer to look up individuals in shared contacts and my voters and update their profiles.A Team Trudeau Plus users can also manage event participation for volunteers and attendees. Like a Team Trudeau user, this account cannot export any information.
Level 2 Account EN

Level 3: Advanced User

Who should have this level of account?

This account is designed for all of your campaign organizers, such as the campaign managers, Data Chairs, fundraisers, Communications Chair, etc.

What can you do?

This account allows users to do everything Team Trudeau and Team Trudeau Plus accounts can do with the additional ability to create lists of voters or shared contacts. This account also has access to the analytics modules and can create and edit form letters, survey questions, scripts for phone banks and door-to-door canvasses. Level 3 users are able to request exports of information contained within the voter or shared contacts file.
Level 3 Account EN

Watch this video on the different Account Types in Liberalist:

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