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User Guide

Welcome to the User Guide, here you will find all information relevant to the understanding and using of Liberalist; if you have suggestions, tips or comments don’t hesitate to visit our feedback page or click here.

Getting Started

  1. Introduction to Liberalist
  2. Account Types
  3. Request a Liberalist Account
  4. Log In
  5. Set Up Your Profile
  6. Reset Password
  7. Creating Level 1 and 2 Accounts

Finding Individuals

  1. Quick Lookup
  2. Customising the Quick Lookup
  3. Individual Record Overview
  4. Individual Record Components
  5. Comparing My Voters and Shared Contacts Profiles
  6. Merging Duplicate Shared Contact Records
  7. Using the Remember Me option

Create Lists

  1. Basics of Creating a List
  2. Types of Lists
  3. Suppressions
  4. Refining a List
  5. Saving a List
  6. Sharing Lists
  7. Splitting Reports

Data Entry

  1. Quick Mark
  2. Scan Bar codes
  3. Grid View
  4. Form View
  5. MiniVAN
  6. Data Entry for Voting Information

Volunteer Recruitment

  1. Stages of the Volunteer Recruitment program
  2. List Creation
  3. Creating an Event
  4. Develop a Recruitment Script
  5. Create a VPB


  1. Create a Survey Question
  2. Create a Script
  3. Form Letters overview
  4. VPB overview
  5. Blast Email overview
  6. Voice Broadcast Overview
  7. Broadcast Survey Overview


  1. Customizing your canvass
  2. Creating a canvass list
  3. Door to door canvass
  4. Phone canvassing
  5. CRTC Guidelines

Event Management

  1. Creating Events
  2. Scheduling Volunteers or Participants
  3. Promotion
  4. Managing Volunteers and Participants

Data Analysis

  1. Counts and Crosstabs
  2. View Canvass Results
  3. Analyzing data from walk canvass or VPB

Managing Ride Requests

  1. Creating your List
  2. Scheduling rides
  3. Marking as Request Printed
  4. Scheduling your rides
  5. Dispatching your rides
  6. Marking a ride as completed

Sign Requests

  1. Managing your Sign Requests
  2. Confirming and Taking Action on the Sign Request
  3. Installing Signs
  4. Other Sign related Requests