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User Guide

Welcome to the User Guide, here you will find all information relevant to the understanding and using of Liberalist; if you have suggestions, tips or comments don’t hesitate to visit our feedback page or click here.

Get Started

  1. Introduction to Liberalist
  2. Account Types
  3. Request a Liberalist Account
  4. Log In
  5. Set Up Your Profile
  6. Reset Password
  7. Creating Level 1 and 2 Accounts
  8. My Voters and Shared Contacts
  9. Using the Remember Me Option

Find Individuals

  1. Quick Lookup
  2. Customising the Quick Lookup
  3. Individual Record Overview
  4. Individual Record Components
  5. Comparing My Voters and Shared Contacts Profiles
  6. Merging Duplicate Shared Contact Records

Use Lists

  1. Create a List
  2. Refining Lists
  3. Saving Lists
  4. Split your Report


      • Door Canvass

      1. Turfcutter Overview
      2. Split Your Report
      3. Canvass on your Smart Phone (MiniVAN)
      4. Print a Canvass Sheet
      5. Canvass Sheet Overview
      • Phone Canvass

      1. Using the Virtual Phone Bank
      2. Create a Virtual Phone Bank List
      3. Administer the Virtual Phone Bank
      4. Print a Canvass Sheet
      5. Canvass Sheet Overview
      6. Liberal Do Not Call List
      • Customize Your Canvass

      1. Custom Survey Questions
      2. Create a Script
      3. Create a Report Format
      4. Adapt a Report Format
      5. Customize the MyPDF files page

Data Entry

  1. Returning Canvassing Data
  2. Grid View
  3. Barcode Reader
  4. Form View
  5. Quick Mark
  6. Data Entry for Voting Information


      • E-mail Blasts

      1. Overview
      2. Send an E-mail Blast
      3. E-mail Blast Plan
      4. E-mail Blast Preferences
      5. E-mail Template
      6. Form E-mail
      7. Form E-mail Images
      8. Tips on avoiding Junk Mail folders
      • Voice Broadcasts

      1. Voice Broadcast Overview
      2. Voice Broadcast Payment Plan
      3. Record Voice Broadcast Messages
      4. Schedule a a Voice Broadcast
      5. Create a Broadcast Survey
      • Form Letters

      1. Add a Form Letter
      2. Print a Form Letter

Event Guide

  1. Submit an Event
  2. Create a Private Event
  3. Schedule Volunteers or Participants
  4. Marking Attendees with Quick Mark
  5. Create a List of Event Participants
  6. Printing a Report for Event Ticket Purchases
  • Volunteer Management
  1. Planning out events using My Calendar
  2. Schedule Volunteers
  3. Volunteer Sign-Ups List

Data Analysis