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Enter Data

Once you are finished a canvass, an event, or any type in which you have collected data you need to input the data into Liberalist. There are four tools available to do this; each great for entering different types of data.  Be sure to use the right tool for the job!

  1. Scan Bar Codes will let you scan bar codes to input data (bar code reader required.) For detailed instructions see: Using bar codes for mass data entry
  2. Grid View brings up your list in an easy to enter spreadsheet-style format.
    For detailed instructions see: Grid View in Liberalist
  3. Form View makes volunteer management easy with a specialized Volunteer Management data entry form as well as several other forms. For detailed instructions see: Form View in Liberalist
  4. Quick Mark a feature that helps you to quickly find and update profiles with one piece of information (eg. Event Attendance) without having to open each individual’s record. For detailed instructions see: Quick Mark in Liberalist


Note: If you are looking to integrate a large database or large legacy list into Liberalist, we may be able to accept a specially formatted file for upload. Our ability to accept the list will depend on the size, accuracy, age, and content of your file (e.g. how much contact information does it contain?) Because the matching will be done by a computer, it is likely to be less accurate than if your team enters the information locally.