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Creating a Broadcast Survey

Using the Broadcast Survey tool allows you to send a pre-recorded telephone message and survey to a large list of telephone numbers. Once the calls are completed, the collected survey responses are available in Liberalist. More on that later!

To create a Broadcast Survey Script:

1. Make sure you are on the right tab in Liberalist (Pick the My Voters to reach out to your voters and the Shared Contacts to reach out to your riding’s members, donors, and other contacts, regardless of whether or not they are registered voters in your riding).

2. From the Main Menu page, click on Phone Services.

3.Click on Broadcast Survey Scripts.


4. Click add New Broadcast Survey Script


5. Fill out the blank fields:

Name: Choose a title for your script
Description: Describe the Broadcast Survey for easy reference
Status: Mark the script as Active
Database: Choose the tab you are on (My Voters or Shared Contacts)
Import Elements from Script: This function allows you to import elements from other scripts you’ve created in Liberalist.


6. Press “Next” to bring you to the “Broadcast Survey Script” page


Writing Your Broadcast Survey and Voicemail Scripts

NOTE: As you write and record your broadcast survey, remember that you will create two separate recordings, one for live callers who will be asked to answer one or more questions (Broadcast Survey), and one for answering machines that will be a simple voice recording (Voicemail). Below are the instructions for the Broadcast Survey Script followed by the instructions for Voicemail Script.

Broadcast Survey Script and Recording

Broadcast Surveys are divided in three script elements:

  1. Introduction

  2. Question

  3. Conclusion

Follow the instructions below to build your script. If you have any questions about CRTC rules, please contact the Liberalist Help Desk.


As per CRTC rules this section MUST:

  1. Identify the name of the caller or candidate
  2. Identify the organization on whose behalf the call was made (e.g. your riding association)
  3. Identify a local or toll free phone number for your campaign
  4. Identify the address of your organization

Sample Introduction Script

Hi it’s CandidateName, Liberal candidate for RidingName. I’m calling from our campaign office at CampaignOfficeAddress in CampaignOfficeMunicipality, and we can be reached at Local/TollFreeNumber or CampaignEmail.

 7. Type or copy-paste your Introduction script in the “Text box” under Add RoboSurvey Element.

8. Click on “Add”

9. You will need to record someone saying the words in this section for your call recipients to hear it. We will walk through recordings separately.


The main purpose of using a Broadcast Survey rather than a Voice Broadcast is to collect survey responses from a large list of voters with phone numbers. A great example of a Broadcast Survey being used effectively is to help identify potential voter affiliation during an election.

1. Figure out if the possible answers to the question you want to ask already exist in Liberalist, and how they are tracked in Liberalist. Depending on the question that you want to ask, the answer may be tracked as a Survey Question (e.g. voter affiliation) or an Activist Code (e.g. sign requests). Select Survey Question or Activist Code for the first question you are asking.


2. Click Add

3. The potential survey responses will be added as a script element.

IMPORTANT Please note that you can tailor these potential answers while recording the message. Just because a survey response is visible here, does not mean that it will be included in your survey. For example, during your survey, if you’re only interested in knowing if contacted individuals are Liberal, PC, NDP or Undecided, and do not care to know if they identify as any other potential response, you can limit possible responses by only mentioning your preferred options in the recording for this script element. We will come back to this shortly.


If your recording is more than 60 seconds, you must repeat the local or toll free phone number and address or email address at the end of the call.

The Conclusion can the same for everyone, it can be customized according to response, or it can be to transfer recipients to a live call.

1. Same Conclusion for All Recipients

If you want the conclusion to be the same for all contacted individuals, regardless of their response to survey, input conclusion text in Text box and click Add.


2. Customized Conclusions according to Response

The conclusion can also be tailored according to the survey answer provided. For example, you may want to provide more information about next steps to self-identified Liberals or Possible Liberals, and simply thank all other responders.

a) Repeat the steps used to add a “Same Conclusion for All Recipients” but change the language.

You now have two different versions of your conclusion (See circled numbers 3 and 4)

To skip an element of your script based on a caller’s response, change the dropdown option from Next to Go To and then select the number that corresponds to the script element you would like to follow that response.

3. Transfer to Live Call

Another option when conducting Broadcast Surveys is to transfer calls to a team in the campaign office. For example, if someone self-identifies as a Liberal, they can be redirected to volunteers in the campaign office.
PLEASE NOTE: The pricing for a transfer is 10 cents per minute after the call has been transferred.

  1. Select “Transfer”

  2. Identify phone number where the call should be transferred

The technical side of your Broadcast Survey script is now complete and is ready to be recorded. We will take a short detour to go over the creation of a Voicemail Script. If you’d like to record your Broadcast Survey, you can skip to this section.

Voicemail Script

The Voicemail script is a simple voice message that will be delivered if the Broadcast Survey goes to voicemail. You do not need to create a script in Liberalist for the Voicemail, but you will need to upload or record a sound file at a later stage. Even if your Broadcast Survey was recorded by another member of your campaign, it is more powerful to have the Voicemail recorded by your candidate.

IMPORTANT: If a candidate or external individual is recording the Broadcast Survey, make sure they also record the Voicemail Script.

As per CRTC rules, this section MUST include the following information:

  1. Identify the name of the caller or candidate

  2. Identify the organization on whose behalf the call was made (e.g. your riding association)

  3. Identify the riding or campaign toll free phone number

  4. Identify the address of your organization

Sample Voicemail Script

Hi it’s CandidateName, Liberal candidate for RidingName, calling from our campaign office at CampaignOfficeAddress in CampaignOfficeMunicipality, and we can be reached at Local/TollFreeNumber or CampaignEmail. I am sorry we missed you. I am running to be a strong voice in our community. If you’d like to find out more about me and the Liberal Team, please see my website at CandidateWebsite.


    Broadcast Surveys and Voice Broadcasts are prohibited for the purpose of soliciting money or money`s worth unless the caller has received prior written express consent from the called party to be contacted in this manner (prior donations or volunteering doesn’t count). Broadcast Surveys and Voice Broadcasts are permitted if they only provide information about a candidate’s platform or ask a constituent to vote in an election or for a specific candidate. However, the call must not include a request for a contribution, either for money or money’s worth.
    Calls can only be made from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Questions? Contact the Liberalist Help Desk for help complying with CRTC rules.