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Sharing Lists

After you have Saved a List, you can share the folder that that list is in with other users on your committee. This will allow them to access and use the list. However, they will not be able to change any of the parameters of the lists stored in the Shared Folder.

  1. Select View My Folders.

View My Folders 1

2. Select the folder you wish to share with other users.

My Folders 2

3. Select the Edit Folder button in the top right hand screen part of the screen.

Edit Folder 3

4. Scroll down to the User Access box. Select the names of users you wish to share your folder with from the Users without Access box.

5. Click on Add.  All the users that were highlighted in blue will appear in the Users with Access and will now be able to load your lists. (Tip: Hold down SHIFT to select a range of users. Hold down CTRL to select many specific users.User Access 4

6. You will need to flag Allow other users to save into this folder if you want them to have that ability.

Allow other users to save 5