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Analyzing Voter File/Shared Contacts

This document reviews how to use the Counts and Crosstabs tool to analyze the data of all your Shared Contacts or all the people on your ridings Voter File.

Note: It is important to note that your analysis is performed in Real Time for list of less than 50,000 people. If you are working with a list of more than 50,000 people only the data entered on the previous day will be displayed. You will also be restricted to a smaller number of fields for your analysis.

To perform data analysis of the Voter File (the process is similar on the Shared Contacts tab):

1. Start from the Main Menu of your My Voters tab.

2. Click on the (>) to open View Counts and Crosstabs from the Main Menu.
1 View Counts and Crosstabs

3. Click on Run Quick Counts and Crosstabs from the drop-down menu.
2 Run Quick Counts and Crosstabs

4. You are now on the Counts and Crosstabs page for “All People“(My Voters). See Layout of Counts and Crosstabs.
3 People from All People

5. Click on the drop-down for Column 1.
4 Select Data Field

6. Click on the “16-2013-04-29_1638” sign next to Data Field. Select Riding. For more information about the different options for analysis, see Counts and CrosstabsMy Voters – and – Shared Contacts.

5 Column - New Riding

NOTE: Select the appropriate type of Counts and the population segment you wish to analyze from the drop-downs.

7. Click the Refresh button.

8. To export the results to excel click on the Export to Excel button.
6 Export to Excel and Refresh

9. Your analysis will be displayed in the bottom table.

7 New Riding - Analyzed

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