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Shared Contacts – Variables in Counts and Crosstabs

This document provides an overview of the different fields that can be analyzed using Counts and Crosstabs on the My Voters tab.

This overview will help you understand the type of analysis Counts and Crosstabs is able to complete.

Click here for a simple overview of how to analyze your Voter File or Shared Contacts.

The Counts and Crosstabs tool can require a lot of computing power depending on the size of your list and how many different fields you are analyzing at once. In some cases you may be restricted to a limited number of fields.

In total there are 6 different types of fields available for analysis on the My Voters tab. These include:

  • Activist Codes – Displays Counts for flags assigned to voter profiles to indicate different traits (i.e. donor, language, interests, volunteer…)
  • Data Field – Displays demographic, geographical and voting history information.
  • Survey Questions – Displays the Counts of  your Voter IDs from 2011 and 2008.



Activist Codes

The Activist Code field allows you to display information about a wide variety of Activist Codes stored in the system.

Find out more about Activist Codes.

If you select an Activist Code as a Columns, two rows will be generated, Yes and No.

1 Column 1 VF

If you select an Activist Code as a Section, two Crosstabs will be generated, Yes and No.

2 Section 1 VF

Yes = Assigned the chosen Activist Code
No = NOT assigned the chosen Activist Code

Data Field

Data Fields include a variety of different information. Depending on the size and type of your list some of these categories (“Riding” for example) will generate dozens of different rows and can ONLY be displayed as columns. On the other hand, some will only display 3 categories (“Sex” for example), and lend themselves to analysis via Crosstabs.

Demographic Information: Age and Sex

Sex: Displays 3 categories: Male, Female and Unknown (no data).

3 Crosstab 1 Sex

Age: Displays 6 categories: “18 to 24”, “25 to 34”, “35 to 49”, “50 to 64”, “65+” and Unknown (no data).

4 Age

Location Information: Province, Riding, and Municipality

NOTE: Because this field has the potential to have many different categories, it can only be used in the Column section.

5 Riding

Survey Questions

The Survey Question field allows you to display information about the number of people who answered a specific Survey Question and what their response was.

The Survey Questions are broken down by year (1997 – Current) and by type.

6 Survey Ques

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