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Using the Virtual Phone Bank

1. Make sure you are on the right tab, Shared Contacts or My Voters. If you do not know which tab you should be phoning from, ask your volunteer coordinator.

2. Select the Virtual Phone Bank icon. It should be in the bottom right-hand corner of your menu.

VPB Icon 1

3. Select the list you want to use or enter the VPB code. Press Next.

Voter ID 2

4. If Liberalist asks you to enter your postal code, this means that VPB will have you call people who live closest to you first. Type in your postal code and press Next.

Postal Code 3

5. Start calling!

  • The VPB will show you the first person on your list, including their name and phone number. It will also show you the script you should use when calling and the options you have for editing the information in each person’s profile (eg. their address). Familiarize yourself with your script and your options before you pick up the phone.

Jane Smith with number 4

  • Pick up the phone! Dial the number of the first person on  your list and use your script to complete the call.
  • Enter the appropriate canvass results in the script.
  • ***IMPORTANT*** You have to enter a call result or a script answer for every person you talk to. If you do not enter any information for a person you have called, they will STAY on the list and someone will call them again.
  • Once you have entered the information from your call, make sure to click Save/Next so the information is saved in the person’s profile and you can make your next call.