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Using My List to schedule volunteers or participants

Using My List to schedule volunteers or participants is a great method when you have a specific list of people you want to schedule for the same event(s). 

You can also schedule volunteers or participants in many other ways:

– To schedule a specific list of people for an event, you can also use Form View to manage your volunteers or add an event to your Virtual Phone Bank.

– If you know the names of those you would like to invite, you can Mark Attendees using the Quick Mark function allows you to add event statuses without opening each individual file.

– You can also schedule participants directly through your event using the My Calendar tool. This allows you to manage your participants and your event at the same time.

How to schedule volunteers or participants with My List:

1. Begin on the Shared Contacts side of the Main Menu.

2. Create a new list through Create a List, access a saved list by clicking Go to My List or View My Folders.

Lists 1

3. Click on the name of one of your participants in your list.

Names 2

4. Scroll down to the Upcoming Events section and click (+) to open the section. Click Schedule for Events.

Schedule for Events 3

5. In the Event Signup Scheduler, select the date or the range of dates on which your event(s) are being held. Select your participant or volunteer’s status.

Event Signup Scheduler 4

6. When you are finished, click Save & Close.

Save and Close 5

7. Your volunteer is now scheduled for your selected events.

Scheduled 6

Note: Volunteers and participants are processed in the same way in Liberalist. You can use the same tools to delegate tasks to volunteers and to invite people to your events.