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Using Manage Turf

The Manage Turf tool allows you to keep track of all your turfs in one place. You can also send your turf to your volunteers through MiniVAN or print it out at the click of the button.

1. Select under which tab you will be managing your turf. You’ll normally want to start in the My Voters tab.

2. Click on Manage Turf.

Manage Turf tool in create a list

3. If you have not cut your turf, click on Cut New Turf. This will give you the option to use your current list or a saved list to cut turf. You can also create a new list and cut your turf from the My List page. See our instructions on Using Turfcutter.

Cut New Turf

4. If you have already cut your turf, click on My Turfs. This will bring you to a page with a list of all your Map Regions with the corresponding Turfs.

My Turfs

5. Under your map region title, you will find information describing the region you’re using.

  • Created: This is the date on which your map region was created.
  • Last Refresh: This is the last time your list was refreshed.
  • # People: This is the number of people in your region.
  • # Doors: This is the number of doors in your region.
  • People / Doors UnTurfed: This is the number of people and doors that are not included in any turf.

6. You can also see how many turfs are part of your region

7. There are four icons you can use to edit your map region.

  • Refresh Icon — Refresh: This refreshes your map region.
  • Earth Icon — Cut or Edit Turfs: brings you to your map region to cut new turf or edit existing ones.
  • Pencil Icon — Edit Region: This allows you to edit your saved region.
  • Print Icon — Print Region: This allows you to print the list for your entire region

8. Below the Map Region, you’ll find a list of all your Turfs with a number of icons on the right-hand side.

9. The icons on the right-hand side will enable you to send the list to your volunteers and edit the Turf directly.

Turf 01

  • Print List Number — Print List Number: If you want to send a list to MiniVAN without setting up a campaign, you can generate a list number with a script of your choice. You can then give this number to your volunteers to enter directly into MiniVAN. They’ll have direct access to that specific Turf.
  • Send to MiniVAN icon — Send to MiniVAN: This will send your list directly to MiniVAN. You’ll need to select a campaign and canvasser.
  • Edit Turf Pencil Icon — Edit Turf: This will allow you to edit your Turf.
  • Print Icon for Turfs — Print Turf: This will allow you to print a paper PDF version of your Turf.

10. Finally, you can also use the Quick Actions tool to select your entire Map Region or multiple Turfs and send all of them to MiniVAN or to be printed.

Quick Actions