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Using the Remember Me Option

Using Remember Me can make searches quicker and easier, but can also create some issues for users.

1. The Remember Me Button is found on the Quick Look Up screen and the Quick Mark screen and some others.

2. By using the Remember Me option, you can save some search variables to be used over and over.

Remember Me Button 1

To use it:

1. You select or fill in the variables you wish to retain and press Remember Me. The fields will now retain the values you provided until you remove them.

2. In this example, the City and Province have been selected and saved with Remember Me. Now every search with Quick Look Up will include these variables.

City Montreal 2

To remove your selection:

To remove the selections, open the Quick Look Up and click Clear and then Remember Me. The search will now be clear. If you click Clear all and do not click Remember Me, the preset variables will be filled in on the next search.