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Using the VPB for GOTV Volunteer Onboarding

When using the VPB to follow up with volunteers who signed up for a GOTV event, make sure you are updating the event status of each volunteer you reach as CONFIRMED or DENIED. Updating their status helps your team to allocate resources and ensures that everyone that has said they will attend your event gets removed from your Target list of people to call for Volunteer Onboarding.

1. Make sure you are on the Shared Contacts side of Liberalist.

2. Select the Virtual Phone Bank icon. It should be in the bottom right-hand corner of your menu.

VPB Icon 1

3. Select the list you want to use or enter the VPB code. Press Next.

Voter ID 2

4. Start calling!

5. In the script, you will be prompted to ask what day the person is available to volunteer.  Click the Event Scheduler button in order to open the tool.


6. Check the Event Scheduler in the VPB to see what shifts someone signed up for.  They will be marked as Scheduled if they have already RSVPd to an event.

7. In the scheduler, select the day they are available to volunteer.  You can select more than one day by pressing down on Ctrl as you select the dates they are available.


8. Ask what time they are available.

9. Ask what role they are interested in.  Select their role from the drop down box. Click Refresh.


10. This will give you a more narrowed list of the shifts they requested.  Make sure to select the date, time and role they requested.

11. Mark them as CONFIRMED for the shift that they commit to and DENIED for shifts they no longer plan to attend.


12. Click on Save and Close.

See our guide on using the VPB for more information: