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Using VOIP

If you are using VOIP, remember to contact 24 hours beforehand so that we can provide you with a call in number to make your calls.

  1. On the My Voters tab, click on the Campaign icon below the Virtual Phone Bank.PD camp En
  2. Enter the phone number 555-555-5555. Click Next.
  3. Pull up the tiny bar at the bottom of the page.Barre Predictive Dialer
  4. In the bar that you just pulled up, click OK.Predictive Dialer OK
  5. Scroll down to the User Information. Make a note of your User ID and Phone PIN.PD user ID
  6. Pick up the phone and dial: 1-844-843-9690
    Enter the User ID, then the # sign.
    Enter the Phone PIN, then the # sign.
  7. Click Start Calling
  • Don’t hang up until you’re finished making calls.
  • If you hang up by accident, just call back in!
  • Hang up and click the Liberalist Logo to exit the dialer any time you stop making calls.