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View Canvass Results

View Canvass Results is a tool through which volunteer effort can be measured. It is designed to track the effort of a individual, team, or riding as they progress through their campaigns or projects.

Generally this tool is used on the My Voters side to analyze outreach efforts of a campaign.

View Canvass Results

1. Click on the (>) to open View Canvass Results from the main menu.

1 View Canvass Results

2. Make sure that you’ve Set My Report Preferences. For detailed information on how to set up your report preferences, see our guide here.

3. Select Canvassing Summary from the sub-menu of View Canvass Results.

6 Canvassing Summary

4. You can now view your canvass results.

7 Actual Results

Note: You can see your canvass results by poll if you Group By Riding and click on your Riding in blue.