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Virtual Phone Banks Now Dynamic

Posted on March 28, 2018

Liberalist now lets you create Virtual Phone Banks that update dynamically!


Virtual Phone Banks are great tools that allow your team to call through a list of voters, supporters, or volunteers and collect information from the call. For example, if you are hosting Day of Action this weekend, you can use the Virtual Phone Bank to call through the list of your past volunteers and ask if they would like to join the team for the Day of Action. The tool allows you to mark who is or isn’t interested in volunteering and “schedule” volunteers for the Day of Action. Find out more here –


The changes to the Virtual Phone Bank are a huge step forward in making your phone bank easier to manage.


Now, when you create a list and send it to the Virtual Phone Bank, the system asks if you’d like to use this list as it is currently, (as a fixed list, to ensure that everyone on the list gets called no matter what) or if you’d rather use this search criteria so that your call list will be updated as you go. This option allows you to refresh your phone bank list when sending it to a second round.

NOTE: A search criteria is a saved list that you can create in Liberalist. Find out more here –


For example, if you set up a Virtual Phone Bank to call your New Volunteers, you can select the second option “Save and use my search criteria” to make sure that people are dropped from the list as they respond to an email saying that they will come out to your Day of Action. Your list will also add people as they sign-up to volunteer!


This allows you to more efficiently canvass by only contacting people you have not yet communicated with and it saves you time by not having to create new lists of volunteer sign-ups to call.


Liberalist doesn’t reset your phone bank list as you’re calling, as that would be a bit chaotic. Instead, to refresh your Virtual Phone Bank list, click “Send to Round 2” on the administrative page.


Fun note: You can now create new Virtual Phone Banks directly from the Virtual Phone Bank management page. For example, if you see that you’re almost done your New Volunteer phone bank list, from the Virtual Phone Bank Management Page, click “Add New Phone Bank” and pick your Current Volunteer saved list to get started.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with all your Liberalist questions.


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