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Volunteer Recruitment

Managing volunteers through Liberalist will allow you to speak to the individuals in a meaningful way that acknowledges their past, present and future contributions to the Party. Liberalist will allow you to develop good relationships with your volunteers as well as build as solid base of volunteers for 2015.

Liberalist will allow you to track your volunteers at each stage of the volunteer recruitment process ; from recruitment, to mobilizing your efforts, to flagging your active volunteers Liberalist will help you get a great overall picture of the Team Building initiatives in your riding.  Liberalist training is central to the volunteer program. Every step of volunteer recruitment should be flagged within Liberalist because after all, if it doesn’t appear in Liberalist, it never happened!

All volunteers that sign up online are automatically added to your Shared Contacts. Your neighbourhood organizer will receive a notification by e-mail whenever an individual pledges to volunteer in your riding. It is a best practice to reach out to them within 3 days to get them engaged.

The volunteer recruitment section will go over the various tools you will need in order to run a successful volunteer program. In this section we will go over:


Recruiting Volunteers: