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Email Template

Email Templates save you time and ensure that all your Email Blasts have a consistent look and feel. Our Campaign Technologies team can create a template from any form email that you create. Please create the Template as a Form Email named “Template” and contact our Help Desk.

    1. Individual Email Blasts are built using the text and format of a Form Email created by your team. In turn, the layout of your Form Emails is based on a time-saving Email Template. Most teams will have only one or two Email Templates (eg. one for event invitations and one for newsletters).
    2. To create a template, create a Form Email that looks exactly like you’d want your template to look (text, graphics, fonts, etc.).
    3. Save the Form Email with the name “Template”

Sample Riding EN

4. Let the Liberal Party Help Desk know that you have created a Form Email that you would like to be turned into a Template. A Help Desk Agent will look for a Form Email called “Template”. If your team has not created a Form Email that begins with the word Template, the Help Desk will not search through your Form Emails for one that may be intended to be a Template.

5. More than one Template can be created to help you to better differentiate between different types of Email blasts.