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Canvass on Your Smart Phone (MiniVAN)

Liberalists’ new MiniVAN tool can be used on any Apple or Android tool with a touch screen that can download and run applications. This includes the iPod touch, the iPhone, and the iPad.

Minivan can now also be used on Blackberry! To learn more, click here.

Minivan can now also be used to mark a person’s event status! To learn more, click here.

To download the free miniVAN app:

If you are using an Apple device (iPhone or iPad) go to

If you are using an Android device, click here.

Make sure to update your MiniVAN to the most recent version before you download your list.

Volunteers with any level of Liberalist account can receive lists and canvass using MiniVAN. Only users with Level 3 or higher accounts can create and send canvass lists through MiniVAN.

Follow the steps below to set up and use MiniVAN for your Change at the Doorstep activities.

1. Set up your list and send it to MiniVAN

2. Using MiniVAN on your phone or tablet

3. Committing your data to Liberalist