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Training Schedule (Eastern Daylight Time)

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*Alternate training sessions are available upon request.   Please contact for special requests.

Description of Training Sessions:

Campaign Focus

Introduction to Liberalist : Smart Canvass Tools
This introductory session is open to all volunteers and highlights the benefits and the tools available within Liberalist. We will walk through MiniVAN, the Virtual Phone Bank, and the Data Entry Tools.

Identifying your Voters and Building Relationships
This session goes over the most important aspect of any campaign – Identifying your voters! In this session you will learn how to create a canvass list, how to set up a MiniVan campaign and creating scripts.

Volunteer Recruitment and Event Management
In this session, we will be going over the process of recruiting and engaging volunteers. We will learn how to create an event using the event management tool, how to use a survey question to identify potential and active volunteers and how to pull a list of your volunteers to engage them in riding activities.

Analysing your Data and Measuring Progress
This session will demonstrate how to analyse your data within Liberalist. Directly within Liberalist you can measure the progress you are making with your canvassing and phone calling. You can also track individual volunteer progress as a motivational tool.

Liberalist for Communications Managers

In this training, we will cover the Email Blast tool to learn how to best utilize this tool to get our message across to volunteers and voters.

* If there are topics in these sessions that are not covered and that you would like training on please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback at