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Creating Level TT & Level TT+ Liberalist Accounts

*** We are now using new names for our Level 1 and 2 accounts! The new Team Trudeau accounts are equivalent to a Level 1 account, while the new Team Trudeau Plus accounts are equivalent to a Level 2. ***

Any Level 3 Liberalist User can create Level Team Trudeau (TT) &  Team Trudeau Plus (TT+) Liberalist accounts. You can create an account in a matter of minutes.

Volunteers with Level TT accounts will be able to do data entry, make calls using the Virtual Phone Bank and use Minivan for smart phone canvassing. Level TT+ accounts can access the same tools as Level TT accounts but can also look up individuals and help to manage events.

Creating a Level TT or TT+ Account:

1. From the Shared Contacts tab, use Quick Lookup to find your volunteer.

Quick Look Up - Step 1

2. Start by entering their Last and First Names.
Searching FN and LN - Step 2
3. If you can find them, click on their name to enter their profile. If not, click Search the Voter file, which will either find their voter record or allow you to Add a New Person to the database.

Search the Voter File - Step 3

4. Once you have opened their profile, click Create User Account.
Create User Account - Step 4

5. The system will immediately search for any existing user accounts in your riding under that person’s name.
Existing User Accounts - Step 5

  1. If you find the person here, you can click on their name to enter their Liberalist Account Page to see their user name so that you can you can let them know how to log in.
  2. If your volunteer does not already have an account, go to the next step.

6. For the volunteer’s Liberalist User Name, put firstnamelastname (e.g. johnsmith) whenever possible. This will help to keep things consistent and simple across all ridings.

7. Choose the Profile or Account Level you want to assign for each side of the database.

  • The My Voters tab contains all registered voters in your riding.
  • The Shared Contacts tab contains people with a relationship with your team and the Liberal Party of Canada, such as donors, volunteers, members, etc.
  • Note: You may want your volunteer to only be able to do work in one of those spheres. Nomination Candidate Committees will only have access to the Shared Contacts tab.
  • For an explanation of account types, see this page:

8. Set an expiry date. This can be extended later if the volunteer stays involved with your riding association.

TT Vol

9. If you have assigned access to the My Voters tab, you can choose to give your volunteer the ability to work on all or a portion of your voters list. Generally, you will want to allow them to work on any part of your riding.

Assign By - Step 7

10. Ensure that the correct email address is in place to allow Liberalist to email a password setup link to your volunteer. You can customize the text in this email to include important information on volunteer activities.

11. Click Send.

Send - Step 9

12. You can check which volunteers have Liberalist accounts any time from the Users option on the Main Menu page.

Users Sub Menu - Step 10

You can now assign this volunteer work through the Virtual Phone Bank or MiniVAN app. They can also enter data using GridView and Scan Bar Codes (Level TT) or Quick Mark and Form View (Level TT+).

 Watch this video on creating user accounts in Liberalist:

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