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Data Entry

Once you have collected data, from a canvass, a phone bank, or through an event, you need to input the data into Liberalist. Remember: if it isn’t in Liberalist it’s like it doesn’t exist!

There are various tools within Liberalist that allow you to enter the data you have collected. Here is a short overview that will allow you to determine which data entry tool is the best for the job!

1. Quick Mark 

Quick Mark is a tool that allows you to add a specific piece of information to individual records without having to open each one individually. It is not ideal for entering large amounts of data, but you can use it to schedule volunteers, mark event attendance, add survey questions, and activist codes.

Quick Mark

2. Scan Bar Codes

Scan Bar Codes will let you scan bar codes to input data (bar code reader required.) This data entry tool is great for entering large amounts of data, especially party affiliation and canvass results. It is most efficient when there are only a few data fields to enter.

Scan Bar Codes

3. Grid View

Grid View allows you to bring up your list in an easy to enter spreadsheet-style format. It is a great tool when you need to enter large amounts of data with multiple data fields, but do not have a bar code reader. It is important to ensure that you are using the same script for data entry as you did for canvassing. You will be able to enter data corresponding to your script.

Grid View

4. Form View

Form View is great tool when you need to apply multiple pieces of data to individual profiles. It is particularly useful for volunteer management, event attendance, and updating general contact information.

Form View

5. MiniVAN

If you use MiniVAN for your canvassing, you can easily commit the data to Liberalist at the end of your canvass simply by clicking “commit” in Liberalist.


6. Keypad Data Entry

This tool is ideal for entering advance poll voting data.

7. Bingo Sheet Data Entry

This tool is optimal for entering the voters that have voted on E-Day.