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Events Overview

Liberalist’s Event Management function can help you manage all your events in Shared Contacts and track your contacts’ event participation over time.

1.  Your first step will be to create your event:

You can create your own event in Liberalist so that you can manage your attendees and volunteers.

See our guide on Creating Events

2.  You will then want to schedule your attendees and your volunteers for your event.

Scheduling your volunteers and participants will make it easier for you to prepare for your event. Depending on your goals set for this event, tracking the amount of volunteers or attendees can be very important for ensuring that you attain your goals. For example: if it is a door canvassing event, you may be looking to knock on 300 doors, in that case, you may determine that you need 5 volunteers.  The events tool in Liberalist will allow you to track the amount of individuals that have signed up for your event.

See our guide on Scheduling Volunteers or Participants

3. Promoting your Event

A great way to promote your event is online at  This will allow the whole Liberal Community to see the events that are being run by your riding.  By default, these events will also show up on your riding website and the webpage of neighbouring ridings.

Other great tools for promoting events are the Virtual Phone Bank tool and the Email Blast tool.

See our guide on Promoting your Event

4. How do I track my volunteers or participants with Liberalist?

Liberalist allows you multiple ways to keep track and manage your volunteers and participants. Determining how many people will be attending your event is important for planning and setup.  This can easily be done with Liberalist.  You will also want to keep track of who attended your event as a volunteer so that you can keep in contact with them in the future, they may want to volunteer in the future.

Managing the activities of your volunteers and participants will also allow you to get a better understanding for their level of engagement in the riding.

See our guides on managing your volunteers or participants