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Liberalist Printing Update and Finding your Supporters

Posted on June 17, 2012

Printing Update:

Starting on Friday, May 18, there will be an  immediate update to the process of printing from Liberalist. When you print a Report, Canvass Sheets, Letters or Labels from Liberalist,  the product will be a PDF document, rather than a web page  which has to be printed from your internet browser.

How will this affect you?

  • Your PDFs are created nearly  instantly and can be downloaded from Liberalist at your  leisure.
  • You no longer have to set your browser’s  Page and Print Settings before printing as you are no longer printing  from your internet browser.
  • You still have access to previously  available Print Settings (such as printing maps and customizing your  sort order), as well as several new Print functions which were  not previously available for PDF printing (such as displaying Notes and setting  Print Defaults).
  • The update provides a more consistent and  attractive layout for your printouts. This is especially important for  printing barcodes.
  • You can still set customized margins for  every Form Letter you add to Liberalist.
  • The “My PDF Files” page allows you to keep  useful printouts for later reference. For information on customizing  your view of the My PDF Files page, see our guide section Customizing  the My PDF Files.

Where to find Supporters in  Liberalist:

See our guide section on Creating a List of  Supporters.

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