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MiniVan Campaigns

Posted on August 8, 2014

Liberalist has a new streamlined way of sending lists to MiniVAN with a new feature called MiniVAN Campaigns.

This video guide will walk you through setting up the new MiniVAN campaigns tool.

What is new?

1. NEW: Before you can assign lists to canvassers, you now need to create a “MiniVAN campaign”. This quick and easy process will save you time and create consistency because every list you assign within that campaign will have the same settings.
2. NEW: When exporting a list to MiniVAN, you will only need to select the MiniVAN campaign you want to use, select the Canvasser you want the list sent to, and name the list. All of the other configurations will be set by the selections made when the MiniVAN campaign was set up.
3. NEW: If you have not yet set up a MiniVAN campaign for your committee, you can still set one up when you go to assign the first list to a canvasser.

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