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New Turf Cutter

Posted on July 10, 2012

You’re probably asking yourself, “New Turf Cutter? How can the existing Turf Cutter get any better?” On Friday, July 6th, Liberalist’s developers released several updates which revolutionize what you already know as one of the most popular and powerful tools on Liberalist.

The new features include:

  • Doubled capacity: You can now send lists of up to 5,000 households to Turf Cutter.
  • Additional Zooming options: You can still zoom in and out using the existing ‘zoom scale’ function, but you can now also use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in and out. You can also double-click when not in drawing mode to zoom in.
  • More Accurate Turfs: You can now choose to view the number of ‘Doors, People or Both’ when cutting turf, making it crystal clear how large you’re constructing each Turf.
  • Easy Viewing: Scrolling over any Turf in the Legend box will highlight that Turf on the Map.
  • Speedy Saving / Deleting: You no longer need to save your Turf before moving on to draw your next Turf. Once you click the starting point of your Turf, it automatically saves and appears in the Legend. If you want to delete it, simply click the little trash can icon that appears to the right of each Turf when moving your cursor over the saved Turf in the Legend.
  • Easy editing (Drag-able Turf Lines): Remember how frustrating it was to have to re-draw your entire Turf – just because you’d left out just one or two households? Now, you can DRAG Turf segments (the lines)  to edit a Turf polygon. Just highlight the Turf in the map region; the perimeter of the Turf polygon will update to display individual segments connected by movable boxes. Then, simply grab a segment box and move it, thereby changing the shape and size of the Turf polygon.
  • Introducing Auto Cut: Have you ever tried to Turf Cut your entire list of identified Liberals for your Election Day GOTV kits? I have!
    And, like the developers at NGP-VAN, I dreamed of a feature that would magically cut Turf for me. With the new Auto Cut Turf function, you now have the option to divide your list automatically by equal numbers of addresses by Turf or grouping addresses close to each other. Turf Cutter will do the rest.

    Although the Auto Cut feature may not know local geography as well as you, the ability to edit Turfs drawn the by Auto Cut feature means that you can tweak and modify Auto Cut Turfs in a snap.
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