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Request an account

Requesting an account is an easy four step process outlined below;

1. Click on the Request Access button on the top right-hand corner of the screen or click here to open the Liberalist User Agreement.

Request Access

2. Once you have carefully read through the user agreement, complete the form and check the box assuring us that you have read the terms, conditions and limitations of use.

Liberalist Request ACcess

3. The Liberal Party of Canada will then contact your riding president for authorization. If your riding has a candidate nominated for the next election, he or she will also be contacted.

4. Once your admission request is confirmed your account will be created and you will receive an e-mail with a link to set up your password and details. If you do not receive your account confirmation in five business days please contact

The account approval process is designed to ensure that information in Liberalist is secure and that all users fully understand their responsibilities surrounding the use of Liberalist. It is important to note that the voter file contained in the system is an electronic version of the Elections Canada List of Electors, which is subject to the Canada Elections Act and to the scrutiny of Elections Canada. Users are expected to respect the sensitive information contained in Liberalist, use it only for approved purposes and in accordance to the rules set out by Elections Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC).
You can request one of three kinds of user profiles for your account. Each level has been designed for different positions within your campaign.