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Tips on avoiding the Junk Mail folder

  1. Avoid using free email accounts like gmail, yahoo, or hotmail, that are easily identified as ‘spam’ accounts and blocked by your recipients’ email tools.
    Instead use Liberalist, where you’re not automatically identified as a spammer.
  2. Avoid setting your reply-to email as a free account like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. Your recipients’ email tools flag emails sent to big lists with free reply-to email addresses as potential spam. Instead buy a cheap domain (like and use it to create a basic email address you can use for email blasts (like
  3. Avoid starting your emails with greetings like “Dear Friend”. Your recipients’ email tools screen all incoming emails for greetings like “Dear” and use their presence as an indicator that the email might be junk. Instead use Liberalist’s variable field “{firstname}” without putting a greeting like “Dear” or “Hi” first.
  4. Avoid using lots of punctuation marks and capitals in your subject line (e.g. ~SIGN OUR PETITION!!!). Instead spend a bit more time to write simple subject lines that pack a punch on their own “Ask Mr. Harper to come clean”.
  5. Avoid sending people emails that aren’t relevant to them – and make sure it’s really obvious how to unsubscribe from your emails. The more people who flag you as spam (instead of unsubscribing using the link at the bottom of your email) the harder it is to keep your emails out of junk mail folders. Instead use the Create a List function to craft each email’s recipient list to just those who might find your email interesting or useful. Make sure that your unsubscribe link is prominent by customizing the Email Preferences text.