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Data Analysis

How can Liberalist help me process data?

Liberalist is an incredibly powerful tool for processing, organizing and structuring data. The Counts and Crosstabs and View Canvass Results tools allow you to present the information clearly for data analysis. This analysis will ensure that your team is able to make informed decisions, in order to achieve its strategic objectives.

1. Using Counts and Crosstabs

The Counts and Crosstabs tool allows you to display information about how many people, doors, mailboxes or phone numbers have specific traits. With this knowledge, you can plan an outreach strategy based on meaningful data and information.

This tool will not double count people that have been canvassed in two different ways, and they do not depend on a contact history having been created.

For detailed information on how Counts and Crosstabs, see our guides

2. View Canvass Results

The View Canvass Results allows you to display information about how much effort is going into a campaign. With this tool you can display the results of the conversations your team is having in the community through door-to-door and phone canvassing. This information will allow you to make better strategic decisions with respect to your communications and how you canvass.

For more detailed information on the Canvass Results tool, click here.